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218e Arpeggiator
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Author 218e Arpeggiator
Does the arpeggiator have memory or is there a fault on my 218e?

It sort of remembers the sequence of notes I played and replays them with a single key pressed, sometimes it's a bit random.

I've put an example on youtube.

I have a 2019 BUSA Easel.
My 218e does not behave in this manner.

Has your easel had this "sporadic latch function" from day one?

Edit: I saw that you have two 1/4 audio cables running out of your easel, are you using a sustain pedal somewhere or did you open your 218 and enable the second output?
From day 1.

I assumed the latching was poorly documented and the quirks were something I needed to get used to.

Interestingly, I've just noticed the latching can be triggered by firm pressure on some keys.

I have second output set up (no sustain) but this stills happens when I use the audio out on the 208 and no 1/4 jacks plugged into the side.
I sometimes get weird behavior when I'm not well grounded. Try plugging a banana cable into the ground jack on the side and hold the metal on the other end. Does that make things better or different?
That's it!

There's a sea change in behaviour when I grab the earth. Madness.

Many thanks for the advice chaps.
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