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218e Arpeggiator
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Author 218e Arpeggiator
Does the arpeggiator have memory or is there a fault on my 218e?

It sort of remembers the sequence of notes I played and replays them with a single key pressed, sometimes it's a bit random.

I've put an example on youtube.

I have a 2019 BUSA Easel.
My 218e does not behave in this manner.

Has your easel had this "sporadic latch function" from day one?

Edit: I saw that you have two 1/4 audio cables running out of your easel, are you using a sustain pedal somewhere or did you open your 218 and enable the second output?
From day 1.

I assumed the latching was poorly documented and the quirks were something I needed to get used to.

Interestingly, I've just noticed the latching can be triggered by firm pressure on some keys.

I have second output set up (no sustain) but this stills happens when I use the audio out on the 208 and no 1/4 jacks plugged into the side.
I sometimes get weird behavior when I'm not well grounded. Try plugging a banana cable into the ground jack on the side and hold the metal on the other end. Does that make things better or different?
That's it!

There's a sea change in behaviour when I grab the earth. Madness.

Many thanks for the advice chaps.
Does the 218r by Roman have an arpeggiator or not? What other differences exist between the 218e and 218r?
Stevenwrightpma wrote:
Does the 218r by Roman have an arpeggiator or not? What other differences exist between the 218e and 218r?

No arp in the 218r. Other differences aren't that big, a slightly different banana jack arrangement and 3 instead of 4 stored voltages. There might be some minor things, but that's about it.
I think that is major things, but ok wink

By the way...i hear that someone convinced Roman to give the 248r Marf firmware to someone else than Alex for further development.
That is great news..
The 218r HAS the potential to blow the 218e out of the water as it is running a way overpowered chip, the same the big Mutables use.
So you could install Clouds on it, or Rings, that much MCU power is there.
I can not fathom why the initial firmware has no arpeggiator, sequencer or any digital greatness as there is like 100 times the calculation power available.

So, if anyone can lean on Roman to enable further development, this is the one you want to look at smile
Would love to get an arpeggiator in my v1 218r!
The best way, I'd say, is going full open-source on the code (just the code really).
I'm pretty sure we'd see many coders giving it a try, maybe taking the 218 to territories it has never been before ?

One could also try to retro-engineer the pinout and inputs/outputs behavior and understand what's going on under the hood. It cannot be that complicated.

In that case, MIDI in/out should not be hard to get.
I REALLY like where this conversation is going..
I know Roman himself offered to add this functionality earlier on in the development. He mentioned it a couple of times on Emcloned. I’m curious how it would implement the arp speed though, and syncing that to the pulser.
Hiya, just a thought but the second output can be either for a sustain pedal or it can be a second mono output, there is an internal jumper switch that sets what the jack does. Is there a chance you have it set in the sustain position? Connecting it to an audio input would probably result in some odd behaviour.

I am here trying to get a sustain pedal to work with the jack and it is working the opposite way, my arp and envelope is infinitely sustained unless I engage the pedal!!
The thing is, a pimped 218r would compete directly with the 220k and that is the same person who did the FW for the 218r.
But if Shawn has the rights now he also should have the source code for the firmware.
There is where you need to ask.
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