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Easel Aux Card - Jumper 2
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Author Easel Aux Card - Jumper 2
I just got an Easel Aux Card and am kinda blown away by how useful it is. I'm using it with a 208r V2.1. I'm very grateful that they implemented some other features through the jumpers on the inside of the unit.

I did notice though that it says this in the manual:

"At this time JUMP2 (on the middle left) should not be used. It will send the sequencer pulse output to the “from card” banana of the 208. That pulse that can be used for a unique short gate. But it can interfere with the ability of the sequencer to trigger the envelope."

Has anyone tried ignoring this warning? I would love to have a pulse output from the easel as I consider the pulse into a LPG a defining Buchla sound.

Just curious if anyone has tried using Jumper 2 and how it effects the EG, or if there's any possibility that it could maybe hurt my easel.

As always thanks!
I don't quite know what to make of those warnings either, I take it, it would do exactly what it says, give you a pulse there, but possibly interfere with the sequencer, probably because it's dropped on the same bus as the easel's pulse.
Yah.. that's what it feels like to me as well, like they put the jumper in there and then realized when they were trouble shooting it that it messed with how the sequencer was triggering the EG.

I'll probably just try it and report back. I'm sure its fine to try, just wasn't sure if anyone had any experiences with it. TO BE CONTINUED...

Guinness ftw!
I'm sure it's more insidious than that that. The tempting warnings are an inspiration to go beyond the label, but they mean what they say, it's unclear what will happen, but it might be fun.
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