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My ES-8 Input Problem & Fix: Mac, Ableton & ES-8
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Author My ES-8 Input Problem & Fix: Mac, Ableton & ES-8
Hey all,

I just wanted to write about a problem I had that OS was able to help me solve on KVR. I thought it might be helpful to others so I am bringing it over here.

I got an Expert Sleepers ES-8 and am using it with a Macbook Pro and Ableton Live 10 with CV Tools.

At first, I was getting CV and audio signals out of the computer to the ES-8, but the 4 analog inputs were not working. Everything was showing a signal into the ES-8 (LED showing on Input ring) but the input data was not being recognized by Ableton Live.

Low and behold, I recently upgraded the Mac OS to 10.14.5 Mojave. In Mojave, you have to go into System Preferences and Security/Privacy. There, you have to go to the Privacy tab and click on Microphone on left panel. Then, you have to allow Ableton Live to access the Microphone (click the box).

That's all it took for me. Again, just wanna put this out there in case anybody else had this problem. Hope this helps and THANK YOU to Expert Sleepers for their awesome customer support!!!
Thanks for this. Making the move to Mojave soon. Guinness ftw!
Hello, this is not entirely of-topic, but I'm wondering if the ES-8 Alone will eliminate the need for a optical out from an audio interface (which I don't have) and allow me to use Live's CV tools via a USB connection to the PC. CV tools look cool to mess with, but the price of equipment that I thought I needed is too damn high. Thanks in advance.
Yes, basically. Though do consider how you'd plug in anything you currently connect to your audio interface.

An audio interface with ADAT can be had pretty cheaply (e.g. a Focusrite). Then an ES-3 will work, which is cheaper than an ES-8.

Just covering all the options.
Thanks! I'm not seeing an inexpensive Focusrite with ADAT capabilities. I could be wrong, I have been fooled before.
Depends what you call inexpensive. The Scarlett 18i20 is pretty cheap for what it offers.

Or there's the Presonus Studio 1824c.
Fair point, what I mean is if the cost of the interface and the ES-3 surpasses the cost of the ES-8, I can just use the ES-8 via USB connection, no?
Thank you! I'm pretty happy with my audio I/O right now so I'd hate to buy another one just for this functionality. Might consider it when it's time for a new one someday.
Wait a tick... According to the intro video on the ES website, they say "connect it to your mac or iOS device". Is this not compatible with Windows? Seems unlikely, but almost 500 dollars is a lot to spend to not be sure.
Scratch that, looks like there are drivers available for Windows 7 & up.
I can hear my credit card groaning in my pocket...
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