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LM6172 Group buy
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Author LM6172 Group buy
I'm hosting a LM6172 groupbuy
You can also reply here if you want to join in!

we are at 580 now

shipping info:
If you ordered a pcb (set) of the Triple Function Generator (or something else) with me,
I can send them along without extra cost.
Else, I will send them in a padded envelope, for minimal shipping costs (around 5,- euro)

Mouser price breaks:

[1:] € 4,23
[10:] € 3,80
[100:] € 3,11
[250:] € 2,92
[500:] € 2,65
[1000:] € 2,24
[2500:] € 2,12
tom tones
Hi, up for 12 x LM6172 chips.
Thanks for setting this up.
I just realized the original groupbuy post is a little free of context if you're not already into DIY video electronics, so...

In case anyone is wondering what the LM6172 is and why this is in the video subforum, it's a high bandwidth op-amp that's good at accommodating video rate signals. The very-common-for-audio op-amps, like TL072/082/074/084, slew the signals far too much, so you get blurry video. Notably, the LM6172 is used in all of the LZX DIY video modules (in addition to the previously mentioned Triple Function Generator, itself based on some LZX circuits, which are based on some Sandin circuits I think). It was chosen by LZX because it's a still-in-production chip, it has a through-hole version (the one this groupbuy is for), and is fairly inexpensive for a chip with the right specs for video synthesis. (I think it might be easier to use, with fewer required external components, than some others too, but I might be imagining that.) Buying small quantities of this chip from Mouser/wherever can be quite pricey, and since they're just dual op-amps, you often need 2-4 per video module (and maybe more depending on the complexity) to buffer/amplify/attenuate everything that needs it.

So if you want to get into DIY video synthesis electronics, it's a very handy chip to use in your own design and it's used in all the (highly recommended!) LZX DIY designs, and groupbuys like this are usually great deals.
Thanks joem, for the additional info!
I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that anyone lurking here would know this already smile

note: the TL07xx do give funky blur and position effects , so this can be useful for special effects!
the shipment is on its way to me. Planned delivery date is tuesday 10-09-19 (so next week)

I will have some lm6172's in stock then, so if anyone is interesed, please contact me.

The price is 2,73 euro p/p - Mouser prices have risen a bit.
they are in!
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