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Vestax DDG-1
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Author Vestax DDG-1
Any Vestax DDG-1 users here?

I have two of those great table unit delays. As they have been made in the mid 90s it's time to change faders.
4-pin 11mm ALPS RK11K114 (vertical) used in the originals.
Today those are mostly not available anymore (besides aliexpress, where one might find some).

Anybody knows how easily adapt a 9mm 3-pin fader into the space of an 11mm 4-pin fader?

I am collecting all mechanical parts info on the DDG-1 here:

And i made a post about DDG-1 and similar models here:
Hey Janek,
Did you try servicing the pots? (they're pots rather than faders)
Typically they can be very carefully taken apart, cleaned (Isopropyl alcohol), lubricated (Caig Faderlube or Fader grease) then put back together again.
Of course this doesn't help if they're physically broken...
Tom! Great advice.

Only took one of the two units partly apart yet. Had to take the pots out already only to measure them. Anyhow, some of them are obviously condemned, showing higher values in the center, then at the extremes (normally right).

Those 25mm plastic shafts going through the top holding knobs seem to put a lot of mechanical stress on them. The ALPS have bushing, but unused. Thinking to get much smaller, newer, shorter 3-pin things with metal shafts and use washers/nuts to tighten them to the case instead of putting the mechanical stress on the shaft any further.

If you feel inclined, here's all i know yet (click).
Thanx a bunch, hope all runs smoothly over there.
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