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Bss 402 compressor smoke
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Author Bss 402 compressor smoke
Hello I am a proud owner of a bss 402 compressor peak limiter de esser (i really like to say it)
But for my first day using it (sounds awesome btw compared to my other hardware compressor) after 2 or 3 hours it just stop producing any sounds and then some smoke appeared
I turn everithing off opened and i didn't see anything that seems burned or had damage
I touch some components and they were very warm
Also notice that some Ics were missing (wtf???)

Please can someone help me?

Is it just the fuse or do you think is something else?
Do you know some really good persons that can repair this awesome machines in uk?? (I'm in Scotland)

Thanks in advance and
I am all hears guys
No one can help?? sad
blinosynth wrote:
No one can help?? :sad:

3.5 hours?!

Obvious question - is the mains voltage selector set correctly? Though if you've used it for a bit that suggests it would have been - also should have blown a fuse... - saying that, if the fuse rating was wrong (from shoddy prior repair, for example). Guessing it was 2nd hand?

Perhaps take some snaps and post them here.

PS - saw something on GS about 402 repair - air.html - mentioned unbalanced cables maybe being an issue. Also relays.
PPS - having now looked at the schematics I would consider looking around the output transistors.

Thank you bug
Here is the inside
Output Trasistors seems ok
But I don't really know

I would love to send to someone who is an expert.
I don't know where to watch
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