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Rogue Befaco DIY
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Author Rogue Befaco DIY
First of all: Thanks Befaco for making their designs availiable to look at in depth! It really is a great learning resource.

After reading a long time on all sorts of how not to be a douche threads, I decided it was alright as long as there is no trading-profit involved.

Since I make all my own front-panels for a consistent look - I find the panels provided with kits just cumbersome.
But foremost, I am in it for the learning experience and have made quite a few layouts on proto-board, etched other's and my own layouts. Now that ordering prototype PCBs from China has become so cheap, I decided to give that one a try.
So I downloaded the .brd and .sch files of a Even VCO, converted them to Gerbers and ordered from JLC PCB.
I copied the schematics - component by component of a A*B+C and a HexMixVCA, made my own layouts and ordered PCBs.

Somehow the long holes for the jacks and pots didn't translate to the gerbers and I had to redrill them.

Didn't order the right size resistors, so it became quite a tight build.
Will post a picture of the panel and other PCBs later.
This one I did a while ago. Just made a layout on perf-board.
The large jacks were taken from scavanged audio equipment.
I couldn't make the panel out of perspex as usual because it would break while drilling the big holes. Also my first attempt at laserprint transfer of the graphics. Still prefer the acrylic with typewriter labels though...

For this A*B+C I made a board layout from the schematics PDF.
Unfortunately I was too cheap to buy the proper AD633 multiplyer ICs and got burned (on both instances I bought one, each by different sellers) on fake chips. So the price really was too good to be true.
Also I haven't wired that one up completely yet.

Will update on this one soon as well:
Again I made a layout from the schematics PDF, but figured it is the same circuit six times over. So I only made one board with two VCA circuits plus one mix-circuit.
The boards can be stacked and the connector-pads for pots, in- and outputs are labeled accordingly:
Out 135 Out 246 etc.
I wend a little over-board with all the mounting holes and the two at the power header might be too close.
Since you get 5 PCBs as minimum order per layout it's still all there.
Also now there's the possibility for just a dual or quad VCA etc.
Of course the PCB could also have been shrunk down even more by making it all SMD parts, but that'll be a lesson for future projects.
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