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Mixer issue - any suggestions?
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Author Mixer issue - any suggestions?
I very recently picked up an old yamaha mixer (mg16/6fx) for free. Yay. However it seems to have a problem (or very possibly the problem is that I don't know what I'm doing):

For each of the 4 stereo channels you can only hear the left channel. If you pan hard right you get silence. However, if you switch the channel to PFL, you hear left and right perfectly! So there's clearly no problem with the inputs. Could it be the fader? Or is there something I'm missing?

Also, the mixer is currently in my kitchen away from the rest of my gear so I've been checking it with headphones - could this be making a difference?

Any help gratefully received!
Mabye an issue with the Bus (1/2 3/4 ST) switches?
sutekina bipu-on
Without doing any sort of googling or looking up. I have got a couple yamaha mg series mixers sold as broken with problems exactly like what you describe. Each time i just hit all the buttons one by one and eventually it worked on both channels all the time like it should. I don't remember what button was the offender, but i remember the problem you describe distinctly. Sorry i don't have a more definite solution applause
tried Dropping it a little bit ( 5-6 inches) on the side with the problem,

might be a loose connection
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