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Topolona DIY modular unit
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Author Topolona DIY modular unit
First post here! Hi all!
I made this modular field unit, consisting of various modified units, some un-modified units, a DIY power supply for various voltages required.
I read a lot on Wiggler forums this past year to learn about modifications tecniques; I had a Monotron delay and shortly after I got the missing two.

I want to thank everybody that indirectly and directly made this possible, essentially everybody who contributed in this forum to the Monotron modifications. Also Darren Blaxcell from Rakit for his patience with me, Rob from midimuso, Alien Seed, Masa... thanks guys if you are reading this..

There is a mixer section which is very interesting, also details for its constructions can be found on my blog, a basic description can be found in the video as well.

The monotron connections are very basic, except for the Masa method on each gate, and NPN converters on the delays, they also need sometime some other patching tecniques to use them as effects.

The ground section is completely shared between analog and digital, so a good grounding is essential, my screening is't excellent at all, still need to improve on that, I feel like I should add a copper layer somehow, and the star section is not a star at all.

Any question welcome. I tried to explain the mixer section as detailed as I could in the video, and that is essentially the most unique part of the build, everything else is just some good (meh) soldering skills

I have uploaded some constructions techniques on my blog

and made some videos also for descriptions.
cool work! Im' looking forward to reading/watching more about it.
I'm on board with any synth that uses a carrot as a component. thumbs up
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