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I forgot how much I love Ulrich Schnauss
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Author I forgot how much I love Ulrich Schnauss
Gringo Starr
It's been a few years since I pulled one of his cd's out of a box and took it to my car. At my work they play the most awful spiritual electronic music crap but in the midst of it all today Pandora decided to spit out an Ulrich Schnauss song.

It was amazing how much of a contrast there was between someone like him who actually has the talent of song writing and all the other computerized soft-synth crap by people with minimal writing talent that normally plays.

It was a breath of fresh air and what was nice is that I immediately knew it was him. But it wasn't because I recognized the composition. It was because I recognized the sound. There's something to be said about pulling that off with electronic music.

I will be digging out his cd's and bringing them back into my car where they'll be staying for a while.
I appreciate the subtle sonic texture and air on their LPs. Really impeccable production. And then there's just something going on deep when I listen, I start to think about the retrofuture of my memories and alternate worlds and other introspective contemplation that Ulrich Schnauss listen seems to draw out. It's very nice late in the day's session, when shifting from wired to tired...
1st 2 albums are among my all time favourites, and his remix of Justin Robertson's Revtone project is one of the most sublime records I have ever heard. Imho nothing he's done since comes anywhere close.
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