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Help with Rackbrute/Minibrute 2s ...
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Author Help with Rackbrute/Minibrute 2s ...
Does anyone know the size of screws and washrs needed to assemble to Minibrute 2s with the Rackbrute? I've just bought a RB 2nd hand (already own the MB2s) and the guy has sent it without all the bits very frustrating
The screw thread is M7, coarse (1 mm thread pitch), 31 mm long (tip of screw to shoulder of knob) but 27 mm available length after the washer and spring-washer stackup is on it.

There's another maybe 5 mm of depth in the case socket before it would stick out inside, so some extra length won't short out modules immediately, but do check when you assemble it.

(You might find it useful to know that a screw with a big plastic knob on the end of it is called a "clamping knob".)

The washers are a stack of a washer as big as the indentation in the Link frame, a split washer (spring washer), and a washer as big as the shoulder of the knob. None of this seems critical to functioning — in my estimation, the main point of the entire set of washers is to have the spring washer keep the bolt from rattling loose if casually tightened, and the other washers keep the spring washer from scratching up everything else.
M7 screws? That is the most uncommon screw size you can find, I can't believe anyone would manufacture threaded holes M7 unless there is really no other posibility.
I agree it's weird but that's what they are. Yes, I tried inch sizes as well and it's definitely M7. Someone else checked too.

In my case I had all the original hardware but wanted to attach something else to the "Link" so I had to get M7 nuts.
Thanks for the help guys, great. Makes it even more annoying that the guy sent it without the screws etc.
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