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ES-6 connected to ES-3, no input on audio interface...
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Author ES-6 connected to ES-3, no input on audio interface...
I got my ES-6 connected to my ES-3 -> the connector looks right (red stripe down on both modules), and the ES-6 is definitely powered: jacks light up correctly with a given input.

However, I don't get any signal in the audio interface. Audio out to the ES-3 works fine.

Any guesses on how to troubleshoot this?
The connector between the ES-6 and ES-3 mostly provides clock sync to the ES-6 derived from the ADAT input on the ES-3. Maybe double-check the ADAT optical lightpipe from the ES-6 front panel's out port to your ADAT interface's input port is good, if you aren't sure perhaps try swapping it with the optical cable running from the ADAT out to the ES-3 in and see if the ES-3 is still happy?
Thanks / makes sense -> I plugged the optical cable into the out from the ES-6 to the adat in on the Motu, but now it looks like it's receiving signal on all 8 optical channels, none of which are the single oscillator that I plugged in. (See attached for the diagrams -> the matrix diagram is confusing, but the inputs are on the top, and the blue circles indicated signal in). Any thoughts?

Also: this is with just one optical plugged in, going from the ES-6 to the motu-adat-in, I know now I need two, so am going to get a another one. When I posted last night, I had only one cable, going from the motu-adat-out to the ES-3. Will that fix this issue?
I think adding the ADAT-out to ES-3 connection should fix the issue. Without that, the ES-6 doesn't have a clock sync for its output and so the signal coming into your ADAT-in is not yet clock-synced.

The other thing to keep in mind is that at this time I believe you'll need to set the ADAT master clock to 44.1/48KHz in order to use the ES-6 without issue until the ES 'Silent Way' plugin or something similar becomes available to add ADAT SMUX support for the ES-6 (this software support is needed for double rate (88.2/96KHz) ADAT SMUX mode but is only available for the ES-3 and ES-5 as of Aug'19).
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