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l1 stereo mixer - experiences building?
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Author l1 stereo mixer - experiences building?
I've read great things about this mixer, has anyone built one? Would it be an ok second DIY module, or is it super complicated and difficult?
This one?

I think the build is straightforward if you're methodical.

I did mess something up, as usual.

First, make sure you get the Farnell leds, ones I got were from a mouser cart for one of the other L-1 modules and were way too bright no matter what resistor I used, so I recommend getting the Farnell ones in the bom, as I did in the end anyway.

Also a couple of electrolytic caps are small size. So watch out when substituting.

If you have the right parts the build is not difficult, I think.

I have four of these modules now, as an in rack mixer.
hey yaongi! thanks for the reply, i didn't realize that they had so many different mixer builds available. i should have specified that i was looking at the vc stereo mixer razz Thanks for the advice though, im sure it applies to the more complicated ones as well!
That's cool. I've built a number of L-1 modules now, including some more complicated builds, and none have been difficult when I had the right parts. Though I did get them with smd components installed.

Probably the LED advice holds for the mixer you're looking at.
This is great module and a very easy build for what you get.
All L-1 modules are great, but this one and and the Dual Analog ADSR are absolutely tops.
I haven't build the module in question, but have build a few of his other ones. Very high quality PCBs and all were straightforward builds.
ok great to know, thanks for the responses yall -- do you think it would be an ok first build?
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