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question about modular vs line levels in sampling
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Author question about modular vs line levels in sampling
Hi, this might be a stupid question, but I'm new to modular and i want to make sure I'm not about to damage any of my equipment. So, I'm aware that modular signals run MUCH louder than most other gear (~10x louder than line level?). Is there any risk of damaging my sampler by sending modular level signals directly into the input jacks that usually take line-level signals? specifically, i have an octatrack - could i just plug the output of an oscillator straight into the input without worrying about damaging it? thanks !!
Jason Brock
You can go straight into the Octatrack, no worries about damaging anything. Distortion from hot signals will be your main problem if you overload the input. Just use an attenuator if you get distortion - and you might not even need that.
word ok thanks!
Also in the octatrack on the mixer page just decrease the gain on the ab cd inputs. i usually set mine to -30 when running a hot modular signal.
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