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Juno 60 volume crackle
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Author Juno 60 volume crackle
The Juno 60 is making little crackles when I play intermittently and you can hear them much more when you adjust the volume. I Have Deocit F5 and QD Contact Cleaner. If I were to try to spray either of these into the volume potentiometer would you recommend me taking that out of the Juno before spraying it and then letting it set? Alternatively, can I just have my Juno off and spray some down the side through the casing by the volume pot?

Here's the link so you can hear for yourself


Thank you!
One thing I just noticed, when I move around the volume knob when there is nothing being played you can't hear any of the potentiomter noise. However, after playing a key and then moving around the knob is when the scratchy sound starts coming through. If I turn on the synth and move the volume knob around it sounds like you just start hearing some of the noise osc coming through and then it starts to fade.
I would remove the knobs & casing before treating with DeoxIT. Not sure if it's also an output related issue and/or requiring a re-cap. Have you replaced the internal battery??? If you have the original battery installed you might want to inspect if it started leaking on the board causing damage.
I just love the sound of the Juno 60 and came crawling back after selling one a few years ago.

I haven't replaced the battery yet. The synth at this time is usable but I feel like something like the Juno 60 I would like to get this up to much better condition than it is currently in. Perhaps I need to bring it into a tech.
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