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Space Echo Repair Help: Pinch Roller Too Far From Capstan
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Author Space Echo Repair Help: Pinch Roller Too Far From Capstan
I have an RE-101 on permanent borrow from a friend that I'm doing maintenance and repairs on and have gotten stuck.

After various maintenance I loaded a new tape and it worked great for about 10 minutes, then the pinch roller backed off the capstan and I can't figure out how to correct it. I can push it into place with the arm that's exposed in the back, but once let go it loses tension and disengages. I've read tons of threads around the internet all pointing to the part in the service manual that says "adjust the 4 black screws and move the solenoid", but the solenoid is already pushed up against one of the circuit boards. I could probably move it back .5mm, but no way to move it so the pinch roller is closer to the capstan.

I tried adjusting the nut on the solenoid arm/spring, that can be adjusted from a hole in the back, but that's not helping either.

(Things I've done already: cleaned heads, cleaned tape path, cleaned+re-lubricated pinch roller, cleaned felts, replaced tape. Motor works fine, tape feed bearing and pinch roller probably need replacing, but I don't think that's what's causing this problem)

Any clues? Pinch roller arm need adjusting somehow? Spring on the solenoid arm bad? Or am I doing something wrong/missing something obvious?...

Attaching pics of the solenoid and where the pinch roller rests too far from the capstan, maybe something looks off?


Just realized the footswitch jack is shorting out and that's what's stopping it... I didn't realize that the 101/201 switch stopped the tape, thought only the signal was bypassed.

All is good, carry on, my apologies...
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