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EMS Synthi- Keyboard Alternatives
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Author EMS Synthi- Keyboard Alternatives
Just received my Synthi A from Robin after the traditional loooong wait- Deep Joy, and much 'You Sunk My Battleship!' patching is afoot.

Obviously I'd love a DK1/2 or a KS, but since I'll be living on baked beans for the next year or two to pay for this fella that ain't happening..

So- any Top Tips on an affordable keyboard [and/or sequencer] that will cope with the EMS eccentricity?

Added info: I don't have any Eurorack gear, and would prefer keys to a pressure pad/membrane controller.
Also, something without a 7 year waiting list would be grand.
Any CV-gate keyboard, sequencer or midi to CV-gate converter works with a cable like this
Thanks Papz [I have your excellent S+H module fitted to the Synthi BTW]

I thought the Synthis were 0.3 V/Octave, so problematic with 'modern' 1V/octave business?

papz wrote:
Any CV-gate keyboard, sequencer or midi to CV-gate converter works with a cable like this
elektron analog 4 mkII should do it. not only would you get CV gate sequencing but also a 4 voice synth.
Arturia Keystep
The incoming CV is scaled with the input level knob.
Even the CV coming from an EMS keyboard needs scaling.

Thanks for the kind words about the S&H, looks like it's becoming a standard feature of the new Cornwall units thumbs up
yes another vote for the Arturia Keystep
Lovely job- thanks all!
This is the only instance where input scaling is available on a Synthi and you are i'm sure learning. I used to own a pair of AKS and a VCS3 with a Crickelwood keyboard and the scaling for those was on the keyboards themselves. Get ready to rescale every time you add another pin on the CV path to the VCOs. With the standard Keyboards, I sometimes reached a point where it could no longer be scalable. Hopefully with a 1v/oct keyboard as a starting point, through the input jacks (which have gain IIRC) this will not be a problem.
for what it's worth, I have a vintage AKS. I send voltage in the external input and trim it until it tracks. My unit was modified for a 5v gate. Alternately there are third party connectors to the multipin on the AKS. I've found when I trim for one VCO, if I send to the other the voltage droops if I pin the second one, so I always patch to two before trimming and turn the amplitude down if I'm not using the second one initially.
Thanks to the OP and papz for the link. I never knew such a cable existed!

we're not worthy
You can also look at the digitana interfaces if you want to use midi or more complex control.
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