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interface question
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Author interface question
Hi, so I'm looking to eventually get an interface to record onto my laptop and i have some real newbie questions. I have a super tiny baby rack right now so i feel like it would be nice to be able to send CV through my laptop. Only DC-coupled interfaces are capable of this, correct?

Can someone explain if/why it is important to get an interface with ADAT lightpipe? I feel like i dont even really grasp what lightpipe is... is it a format that my laptop can read without an interface or do i need an interface to convert it into digital? i know that there are lightpipe modules from expert sleepers and thats why i ask if i need a lightpipe interface......

thanks <3
AFAIK the ADAT "lightpipe" refers to optical ADAT which gives you up to 8 channels of digital audio on a single optical cable. If you want to send to/from the computer you would need an interface since computers sadly don't come with optical ADAT ports and PCI cards seem to have fallen out of fashion.

It's just a cheap and convenient way to add more I/O, so if you had an interface with optical ADAT I/O and needed more analog inputs you could get an A/D converter box that takes analog signals, converts them to digital and pipes them down an optical cable to your interface's optical ADAT input which then sends the audio to the computer. I don't know anything about the ES modules but the interface could send audio out from the optical ADAT output.

I tried sending signals from CV Toolbox through an optical output to a MOTU box so I can send them to a CV input on a synth but it didn't work- could have been my setup.
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