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50 Years ago today
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Author 50 Years ago today
CZ Rider
Thought I would share a few pics of my Moog 1P with a build date of August 11, 1969. Verified by Roger Luther as being sold to Walter Sear on that Monday in New York back in 1969. Walter was the east coast official Moog sales rep, and sold many systems for Bob and company. Only a few days before Woodstock, one can only guess Walter was looking to make a sale with all the famous musicians comming to town.
The Moog never did leave New York, and ended up in a famous Manhatten studio. The 1P was the originsl 3 oscillator Moog.
At 50 years old here is the 910 power supply with the dated serial tag.

A few more pics of what the Moog looks like 50 years after leaving Bob's Trumansburg shop.

Still sounds great, and is the centerpiece of my studio.
She's a beaut, Clark.
Oh I love that joystick controller. Is the red button on it for a gate?

Thanks for posting. Really gorgeous.
CZ Rider
If that model 1P had an odometer it would have very few miles on it. Back in 1969 a well equipped studio would have such a synth. By 1971 the Minimoog took over for getting that Moog sound. I believe it sat until 1979 and was sold. Where the next owner kept it stored away, untill he sold it to me in 2007.
Now a university owned Moog would be the exact opposite, with many hours of use and abuse. This on was only driven on Sundays. lol

Joystick is a clone I made. The red button is an S-ttigger. Have the build documented on the Moog forum. Link here.
Moog 959 build
CZ - Great to see that it still looks good!

do you have any links to audio or video of this Moog in action?
CZ Rider
There are a few video demos.
This one showing the 901 tuning range.

This one showing the 959 joystick.

And this one showing a germanium/transformer ring modulator.

The Moog is in almost every track I have made. But so are other instruments. Difficult to tell exactly what is Moog. Has that unmistakable bass though! Rockin' Banana!
CZ Rider, what do you use to monitor the Moog 1P when you get it cooking? I am wondering if you have had issues blowing out speakers.

As someone mentioned, it is really is a thing of beauty and seems to be in good hands. Great stuff you have posted with it on your YT channel.
CZ Rider
Rally wrote:
CZ Rider, what do you use to monitor the Moog 1P when you get it cooking? I am wondering if you have had issues blowing out speakers.

Right now in the studio I have a set of Event Tria monitors. They are quite robust and are tri-amplified with 5" drivers with separate tweeters and an 8" sub. Sounds really nice on those. I remember back in 1975 a guy named Kenny Fine at Vibronic music in Philly stating, "A synthesizer makes no sound on it's own, you are playing the speakers."

Hearing a lot of 50 years ago with the Woodstock anniversary approaching tomorrow on August 15.
Here is a track featuting the old Moog. That bass just sounds huge and fills the track nicely. The first minute is all Moog sounds, multi tracked. And a Moog repeating sequence with a 960 type sequencer throughout. The only other instruments is a Casio CZ-101 and a Sound blaster playing a Mellotron flute sample.
Kind of has that summer of 69 feel.
Great tune, thanks for sharing. Incredible range in that instrument.

I turned 15 in August of 1969. In my small hometown the full impact of Woodstock was revealed in the music released that fall. For me it was 8 track tapes and albums. Santa came thru that Christmas with even more releases.
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