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Vintage DAWs/Plugins/Computers?
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Author Vintage DAWs/Plugins/Computers?
Hey there,

this is my first thread here. I've been more of a silent reader here, but this board has been so helpful during my eurorack journey! After setting up a 15U-System I've been very happy with I'm currently digging into setting up a vintage system to run abandoned DAWs and plugins on and encountered some problems, mostly regarding finding old software and choosing the approppriate hardware - and I'd be glad to hear the crowd's opinion about that and share the result of my research so far.

The reason is quite obvious I guess - as a musician and a musicologist (even if I'm currently working in opera) I'm very much interested in the distinct sound of a specific time which also emerges from a specific workflow. Pretty obvious, I know.

Tier 1

I started by getting hold of an 8"-Windows-10-Tablet and managed to sucessfully install Synapse Orion and Arturia Storm on it. Of course setting up stuff between 2001 and 2011 is still not too much of a problem - and there is the advantage of tons of midicontrollers etc. available to buy second hand. But getting hold of software seems kind of difficult as it very rarely shows up on eBay. So: does anybody know any sources, maybe museums, enthusiasts or archives to get abandoned software like this from? Even demos might be interesting as getting to run licensing procedures from back then seems kind of difficult. I'm especially looking for an issue of Cakewalk's project5 which seems to be still online on their site but impossible to buy after the bandlab-takeover.

Tier 2
My next step is going to be setting up a Windows 95/98 setup. I've been considerering to buy one of the rare tablets from that era, e.g. something from the Fujitsu Stylistic range from that time. Maybe a desktop solution including PCI and ISA slots, an appropriate soundcard and the according software is smarter (but also an issue of space). Software seems to be even harder to get here so any sources would be appreciated.
I was also flirting with a PowerPC OS9 solution as there is a vivid community out there, especially for music production. I guess the biggest community would be on,146.0.html

Tier 3
might be a classical desktop solution plus one of the iconic soundcards from the Dos-era, even if AdLib-Soundcards are really expensive...

If anyboy with the same ambitions stumbles upon this thread, these two sources helped me a lot so far:
- the board which seems to be run by basically one guy archiving every piece information he can find
- this thread on kvr was a great starting point: 6ddb52f350934ee43fd02694

So if anybody knows any sources or has any experience to share I'd be very happy. I could not find anything on the search function apologies if this thread is redundant.
I don't think there's anything wrong with obtaining and using unlicensed copies of software versions for long-abandoned platforms. Twenty years ago, I was running pirated copies of 1980s Atari ST sysex patch editors in an emulator.
Agree, but even these are pretty hard to get actually. Most things older than a couple of years seem to be offline...
Almost all of the worth while Atari ST music apps have been released to the public as full versions and are easy to find. You can run these on any machine that can run one of the numerous Atari emulators. Steem is one of the most popular and supports MIDI.

You might consider PC emulation for running older Windows 95/98 stuff. QEMU can run virtualized apps at native speeds.
Tim’s Atari World has a ton of music software from the 80’s.
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