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Gross Email insult from moffenzeef ???
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Author Gross Email insult from moffenzeef ???
Im bloody fuming .. I thought I would take a little time time to thank moffenzeef modular (ross fish ?)for sharing some code and schematics. Strictly for personal use as outlined in the licences.
Shot them a quick mail with a thank you note. Courtesy they call it.

Emailed response of "dickface" jpeg. Thats it. Wtf.

Ok .. Thats funny if you have a certain immaturity...

I will never ( despite much previous experience ) understand some people...
woah hmmm..... seriously, i just don't get it evil
Strange response... maybe even a bit crude. I don't think I'd get so bent out of shape about it. And if I did, I'd probably take it up with the sender before airing it in public. meh
Sure... Just taken a look at facebook page. Crude and hostile is the way he rolls...
Why do we have so many of these threads now? This isn't Reddit.
Sure ... But I did get "bent out of shape" ...about it... What with being one of them sensitive types ..
Please delete this thread ?
Rex Coil 7
Whelm wrote:
Why do we have so many of these threads now? This isn't Reddit.
100% agreed. This trend is toxic, and infectious. And it's not just within the confines of Muffwigglers either. The notion of "GET 'EM!" is becoming all to common.

Victimhood is modern heroism. Such a shame.


Ffs ... Delete this thread ... I made an impulsive decision when confronted with a bizzare / hostile communicative response from a DIY manufacturer.

Dont lump me in with any particular modern illness.

I'm not defending any victimhood here.
Locking because.... well.
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