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Endorphin Terminal - "peak detector" - application
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Author Endorphin Terminal - "peak detector" - application
Moon Indigo
Hi all

A fairly specific question. The Endorphin terminal has a "peak detector" function, which does the following (from the manual):

"The Peak Detector continuously tracks the heights of both Airplanes and outputs the CV of one which is higher at the moment. There is an attenuating knob ‘relative B height’ for decreasing the height of Airplane B related to the Airplane A."

I have never found any meaningful use for this - it must have some merit to warrant having two patch points.

What can I do with this? I love Endorphin, but they don't use standard terminology in their manuals, so I don't know if this is a conventional function that other modules have too.

All comments welcome!
You can use it to combine the two AD envelopes into one ADSR envelope.
It’s a logical OR.

You can create more complex envelopes. If you could scope it, you would see.
I think of it as a freebie envelope. Apply it’s modulation to something that both A and B are going into, or, if you have the Terminal expansion, route EOR and EOF to trigger new events from different modules whilst you still have a relative envelope to play with. Or use it to play with the envelope shape or time on either channel. That gets whacky!
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