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Do I need Just Friends?
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Author Do I need Just Friends?
Do I need Just Friends if I got Maths and Stages? And what about LPG functions of Just Friends?
just friends is a great module, but as a function generator it's limited in certain ways (which can inform and lead you to interesting things). let me just say upfront I don't have maths or stages and in my little system i use just friends primarily as a function generator paired with teletype which opens up further functionality.

As a function generator its big bonus is 6 related outputs - I love to use related but different LFOS as clock divided triggers, or overlapping modulation. You can send triggers into two of the inputs and have something like two mini just friends reacting off of two different inputs. There's a lot of potential there, but you cannot control the shape individually so the 6 outputs will always be related in shape. I would imagine this could be a great addition to a system that already has more flexible flavors of modulation available so you can patch something super specific with maths or stages, and still get all the juicy interrelated modulation options just friends offers.

as an oscillator its unique in a whole 'nother way. Some people really like the sound, to me it's got a bit of a digital feel but I wouldn't get a plaits for the same reason and a lot of people make really great music with that so it's all about how you use it! I would recommend checking out n-so on instagram and bandcamp - he has previously said just friends is his favorite oscillator (not sure if his opinion has changed overtime I think he's mostly make noise user nowadays) and he definitely uses it alongside a maths. The polyphony it offers is really really cool and seems unique. It does cool things with FM too smile Admittedly i haven't messed with it in oscillator mode as much since, as I said, it's my main function generator lol. the LPG mode is one of the oscillator modes where a trigger to the inputs will trigger notes from the outs that decay in a way similar to a LPG - but JF itself is the sound generator.

there's some good videos which I'm sure you've watched and I highly highly recommend the technical map  /just-friends/ It'll give you a comprehensive image of the functionality available smile
I've had/have all three. Currently have JF and Stages and had a Maths I got rid of when Falistri came out. You can get a lot of modulation from the Stages if you're into that, but the JF gives you a macro controller for related functions which is really fun. I think the shine is when you modulate a voice using all the outs. They're locked up in a unique way that's very satisfying.
just friends is very cool for interrelated modulation and i think its also very cool for live tweaking as one knob turn affects 6 functions at the same time. this way you can get some very cool changes /transitions in your patch. very inspiring and unique module if you let things happen.

as oscillator it is quite capable but i really treat it as mod source first and oscillator second.

it has to be said that you probably want to pair JF with some attenuverters for achieving nuanced cv control over it´s parameters.

i would not use it as my only function generator as all of the six outputs are always related to each other. so if you want more independent control over your envelopes / lfos i would recommend getting some more traditional function generators to pair with JF.
I’ll be getting a JF this week. It was strongly suggested by a friend, so I impulsively bought it. I don’t currently have a Maths, but I do have a MN Function as well as Stages (which I really haven’t wrapped my head around yet!). We’ll see how that goes smile
Hope to get it soon: It's also featured in the book "Patch and Tweak" where lightbath talks patch details (and his music is awesome).
Nutritional Zero
It’s really important to grok the functionality of the panel controls and their CV inputs. They’re a bit different than what you may be used to.

Start by thinking of the module as a single envelope with TIME representing the overall cycle time for the function—similar to adjusting Rise and Fall simultaneously on Maths—and a single output called IDENTITY. Simple enough, right? Waveform goes up, waveform goes down (out of the IDENTITY output).

What’s a bit different is when you include INTONE. INTONE affects TIME. Think of INTONE at 12:00 representing zero alteration to TIME being at any of the outputs. You’re getting six identical waveforms.

IDENTITY is always the cycle of TIME and is unaffected by INTONE, but the other outputs (2N, 3N, and so on) provide a clue to what will happen if you move INTONE into the positive domain or the negative domain...

As INTONE goes “below zero,” the waveforms become progressively slower at each of the outputs. Fully CCW, 2N is twice as slow as IDENTITY, 3N is three times as slow, and so forth.

As INTONE goes “above zero,” the waveforms become progressively faster at each of the outputs. Fully CW, 2N is twice as fast as IDENTITY, 3N is three times as slow, and so forth.

It’s a really ingenious system...

I thought Stages might be the better module for a while, due to the similar “right to left” patching of triggers and its versatility, but there’s really nothing quite like Just Friends. JF is more the heartbeat and the cycle of breath of my patches, Stages is the hands and feet.
I’ll sell my Stages to have a second JF. Love it as a vco so the second one will be for modulations purposes.
There’s something quite unique in these Mannequins modules !
lol, no
Of course not, but since when did that stop anyone from getting a new module? I happen to love the interlocked LFO shapes when I set Intone far CCW, spices up my modulations in a good way.

Got my JF today. Messed with it for awhile and moved on to something else. Like a genius, I got a few modules at once (again), so I saved that learning curve for another time. Stages is making more sense, MN Function is a no brainer. Really should’ve gotten a Maths instead, I’m thinking
SnipeCatcher wrote:
Got my JF today. Messed with it for awhile and moved on to something else. Like a genius, I got a few modules at once (again), so I saved that learning curve for another time. Stages is making more sense, MN Function is a no brainer. Really should’ve gotten a Maths instead, I’m thinking

JF is one of those modules that takes time to understand its complexities and abilities. Now with the technical maps, it makes it more understandable to when I got my module.
You could set stages in Ouroboros mode and modulate each band with JF, would be a great pair smile

If you'd like something like JF, and 4 outputs are enough, you can also have a look at Tides 2018. It does almost the same, also an osc, related outputs as lfo or env, shape controls etc.
Currently have this patched. Very fun.
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