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Tuning mutable instruments rings & elements ?!?!
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Author Tuning mutable instruments rings & elements ?!?!
Hi all,

Just started out with modular (after many years of menu-diving in Ableton) and dropped a ton of $$$ on various modules. Now i’m trying to sequence some stuff trough Make Noise's Rene V2 but can’t seem to tune Mutable Instruments Elements and / or Rings (to a C or to each other:(

Thought I would figure it out after a couple of tries but the notes keep skipping all over the place, even though I’ve got the structure-knob (rings) and geometry-knob (elements) around 10 o’clock (as suggested in this post: 169823

I’m trying to tune them with the dave jones design o tool plus btw.

I know Elements and Rings ar not strictly a tonal module with all the added harmonies and what not but I would like have them tuned (to at least each other).

@ 22:38 r beny and lightbath talk about tuning rings in this vid:

but I’ve tried putting the frequency knob at 10/11 o’clock w. rings in the “green-green”-mode and the right top know put at 10 o’clock but still the tuning keeps displaying different note values.

Recalibrating is mentioned in the manual and - just like r beny - you could set C at the bottom of the frequency knob of Rings. For those interested this guy walks you through the whole process: i7P1KL9CVPPX4

Unfortunately I don’t have a keystep or Hermod (yet:) so I can’t confirm if this would help with my tuning problems.

I’m also using MI Tides as a VCO which I would like to add in the mix but right now everything is off (expect Tides:).

Any help is much appreciated.

P.S. I know switching modes in Rings messes with the tuning but right now I can’t tune it in any mode. What am I doing wrong?
K, after yet another try I finally tuned Rings w00t

As discussed in the R Beny / Lighbath chat; if you put Rings in "green-green"-mode with the the frequency-knob at 10 / 11 o'clock and the structure-knob at 10 you''ll get a signal without any added harmonies that mess with the tuner. Then it's just a matter of (fine) tuning the frequency to the desired pitch.

Anybody has any suggestions for the settings for elements to achieve the same thing?
Just make sure that the modules are well calibrated too. Tuning will be impossible if they are not.
Poeshaas wrote:
Anybody has any suggestions for the settings for elements to achieve the same thing?

It's the same conceptually -- dial in a setting that doesn't have too much harmonic content, especially if it's inharmonic. Low brightness helps.

If you really want to get it clean, switch to FM mode, disable the FM by turning brightness all the way down, and tune the pure sine.

But switching modes, changing the structure/geometry/etc. or even the brightness are going to change the actual or perceived pitch -- so honestly I think these modules are best tuned by ear.
Yeah, always tune by ear. If it sounds good, it is good.
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