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Fh-2 config and op-z
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Author Fh-2 config and op-z
I recently got a FH2 to be able to use my op-z with my Eurorack skiff. The fh2 configuration seems straight forward, tho I’m not getting it right.

I’ve been searching for configs or screenshots of different configs to no avail.
Basically I need to know the relation between converter outputs and chosen functions for the given midi channel. For example;
Enable 1. Midi chan 3, gate, cv.

Obviously the gate and cv needs their separate outputs, do I need to enable converter 2 and enter midi chan and check the cv box, or can I leave converter 2 disabled so converter 1, based on checked functions, claims converter outputs under it?

A side note when using gates only is that it looks like some gates are stuck and that some gates or trigs are lost. The led on the module stays lit which I interpret as gate high. Surely due to inadequate setup on my part so any help about this is also very welcome.
This is explained in the manual. The converter starts at the 'base output' and automatically uses the following outputs for the various functions enabled for it.

So if you only need one MIDI/CV converter with various outputs, you only enable the first row in the list of converters.
Aye now I got that straight. Right now the config is two channels with v/oct and gate, the rest is gates and clock on 8.

I’ve been reading up on stuck gates, disabling clock out from op-z helped and one converter sent gates as expected but the cv and gate/voice channels are still unusable. Same result when sending a sequence as when playing one voice manually.

I bet it’s something on the OP-Z side and I mailed TE about it even though I’m sure they won’t care. (Won’t get on a rant about TE support etc) so I’m hoping there’s a work around with settings on the fh-2 side?
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