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Author keyboard/touch?
is there a bugbrand keyboard/touch controller? like the serge TKB, or the buchla 218?

i've seen some modules with touch controls but is there a dedicated keyboard - or how do you folks pair keyboards with bugs?
There used to be the CTL1 but that was in the old line.
Strangely I was thinking of them recently...
They were more like 4-stage preset selectors though.

Keys - tend to use external to be honest.
T. Jervell
Oh please Tom!!! Bring back the CTL1!!! Been looking for one for ages Dead Banana
for traditional keys, hard to beat a Keystep + Tom's Interface cables.

+1 on the CTL1!! would love to see this one come back
shred wrote:
for traditional keys, hard to beat a Keystep + Tom's Interface cables.


CTL1 is very very useful. To trigger manually some events, switch, sequence, play notes by hand (incl. pressure)...
They are invaluable to me, I find new uses for them all the time and there's always at least one of them in a patch.

Playing as a keyboard takes quite a bit of practice and familiarity for me...... generally because i have the touch sensitivity turn right down as far as it will go a fleeting or less intentional press will cause a non-trigger. I have been doing this more lately though as I discovered linking the pressure outs on 2 units will force the unit not being touched to reset to step 1 whenever a pad on the other is pressed and vice versa. Combining the preset voltage outs from 2 units through a diode director (or a dc mixer) then extends your possible values for touch-playing on a row to 7 (assuming step 1 of both units is set to 0) or more if you also play with range switches.

Nice and performative as a sequencer with the range switches (per row on my REV1's) and direction. I prefer using the momentary jump to step when pressing a pad while the sequencer is running to the step-hold for duration of press thing.

I've even patched a row in to do a /2 or /4 when I ran out of divisions on other modules. Fun for waveform generation at audio rates too but haven't delved into that side too far.

Love them dearly!
Love the CTL1 too
Having an updated ctl1 would be a dream come true hyper love
bring it back tom!
rico loverde
agreed, bring back the CTL1! It's peanut butter jelly time!
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