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Multi-track recording a band: Laptop vs something else?
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Author Multi-track recording a band: Laptop vs something else?
Recently I have been playing in a synth based band. There are three of us, all with a synth each. The other two members are also singers and I typically use a drum machine and add in another synth when I can, between that and making adjustments on the mixer. Is there a good solution to multi-track record this type of setup? We rarely play in the same place, and I am trying to avoid carrying around a laptop and would prefer something that doubles as a mixer, records tracks individually, and would be more rugged and easier to carry around than a laptop. I know I could cart around a laptop and an audio interface to do this, but it would be quite a lot to carry along with my other equipment. I thought what I was looking for is a multi-track recorder, but most of the ones I am seeing only allow you to record two tracks simultaneously. I must be missing something or searching for the wrong thing. Any help would be appreciated.
The MixPre-10T
Zooms? - R16 and R24 both record 8 at a time (the 16 and 24 refer to what they can playback)
Zoom L12 - came out last year and records 12 at a time and has 4 (or is it 5) headphone outs which can each set their own track balance levels.
There's a thread on here on the L12

Our band went from R24 to L12 - both work well - hit record and you're in business - no soundcards or ASIO crap or nasty software interfaces.
L12 is a more rugged metal case, the Rs are plastic.
All can be used as basic mixers to stereo out, while recording.
Cymatic Audio LR-16 may tick a lot of boxes for you.
Tascam has a couple of products as well. DP-32SD is one. Model 24 is another. Model 24 will record a bunch of tracks, DP-32SD gives you more on-board mastering options.
Thanks for all the responses. These look great, going to parse through them when I have a bit more time.

One thing I have noticed is there is not one unifying term for these devices, which (I think) explains why I couldn't figure out what to search for.

Thanks again,
The most common term for things that do this sort of thing is "multitrack recorder".

It's not really consistent, so you should not be surprised by other options. Sometimes they're band mixers with recording option, or what-have-you, but in general the function is called multitrack recording.

Boss, Tascam and Zoom are all well-known entrants in this field.
Can your synths playing be captured by MIDI? This is simpler to do than live audio and then allows you to do very effective edits on and glitches in performance.
I can't recommend the Zoom H6 enough. Handheld, sounds great, insanely flexible w/ either 6 line INs or 4 + a stereo mic. And it will record for hours on all 6 channels @ 24/96.

I take it everywhere and w/ a 3-4 piece band, capturing the drums + the room on the stereo mic + guitar, bass, synth and vocals / snare / kick.
I was about to pull the trigger on a Zoom L12, but the Zoom H6 is definitely more what I am looking for. I might miss the mixing capabilities of the L12 if we start playing out more, but for the time being, the smaller physical footprint of the H6 is definitely welcome. Played around with it a bit this weekend and it works nicely, can't wait to try it out with the band.

Thanks again for all the suggestions all.
Also worth checking out Behringer UFX 1204 and 1604.

Relatively cheap, and can record multi channel to an SD card.
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