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Guerilla Performance
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Author Guerilla Performance
this isn't modular-specific, but i'm planning on converting a sprinter van or a school bus into a mobile home of sorts and living on the road for a year or two and a big part of what i'm planning in the build is a simple studio/live setup. 2-3 synths, drum machine, vocals. i'll definitely do some regular shows booked at venues but i'm also interested in doing some guerrilla shows. in parking lots, fields, sidewalks, wherever really. would be powering my setup with a solar/battery system.

anyone ever done something like this or attended one? i've read about punk guerrilla shows but nothing for electronic music. i can imagine a few problems such as not having a permit, possibility of things getting stolen.
There are rogue psy-trance parties @ the belmont plateau in Philadelphia. They are experienced at throwing legendary renegade parties in the pine barrens. No permits. Generator, decks and a mixer. They do it during the day now so I guess it's less likely to get broken up.
if you're not selling tickets in advance etc., wouldn't it just fall under busking anyway? I mean, nobody gets permits for that, you just hope for decent weather and generous people. if you have an actual vehicle where the sound comes out of, the only worry might be getting a parking ticket, if you're stationed in an urban setting.

below, a street performance in Budapest this summer. more DJing than anything else, and a different mode of transportation, but still razz the theft aspect would probably be my biggest concern if I was in your shoes, but in these modern times of GPS tracking and security cameras I'm sure you could find a few things to make it more secure.

Yamaha DJX
One of my grad students set up a complete studio in an Airstream trailer, pretty much as you describe. It worked great, and as far as I know, he’s still using it.

My next door neighbor has a similar setup. He doesn’t take it anywhere, just uses it as a non-permitted extension to his house.
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