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Data base for all 4U format panel sizes and dimensions
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Author Data base for all 4U format panel sizes and dimensions
Hi y'all, I am trying to make a little database for myself of every single 4U panel format for my files. Below I'll post the ones I have, the ones I'm missing. If anyone can let me know any formats that I haven't included and help fill in the blanks that would be sooooooo appreciated. (I have done some web searching but looking for a bit of help from my friends) I'm specifically looking for PANEL DIMENSIONS, not voltage or anything else..

I have:

Buchla (7" tall panel - holes .2" on center from panel edge)

Loudest warning (175mm tall panel - holes 3mm on center from edge of panel)

Hex inverter Dot Net (yes it is a format smile I do have this info backed up somewhere so I'm all good with this one)


Random Source specs, cant find online, I can measure, but I'm looking for confirmation.

Serge Original Size Specs, of what the original old school ones were supposed to be, probably what random source is..?

Any other 4U formats that are out there that I'm missing? help a brother out....

Thanks <3 The Bag
Oh.... and panel thickness..... I'm pretty sure all 4U is generally .0625"/ 1.6mm in thickness?
rico loverde clid=IwAR1WVXUfP-i0hAfVxkBHaoyI_SctPIiKANwK9A2dGD8qJ7Zffv0aYerqviM
Thanks Rico. This will help for the interm. Hoping to get 100% accurate specs and as pugix mentioned in that post “it’s not posted officially (elsewhere) anywhere” and this is “close” so hopefully I can get “official” measuments at some point.

Holy cow it’s funny, I read all these grumbly threads about euro world not following a standard and here I am again hahaha love this stuff
R*S specs are standard Serge, whatever they are. Their boats can hold STS M-Class panels.

LW specs can be found here:
Kilpatrick Format specs here:
It would be great if your final summary could be stickied. I see it being very useful!
Totally. I will post it in various places and get an admin to sticky it when it’s all complete.

Oh and thanks for the Kilpatrick! Totally gapped on that! That’s why I’m getting “group help”
This would be a great idea for people trying to design and layout their own panels.

I think all dims should have metric and standard equivalents listed together as well.

This would help people where ever they are based on what standards are used intheir country, or what standards are used by the fabeiators they might be talking too, etc.
raisinbag wrote:
Oh.... and panel thickness..... I'm pretty sure all 4U is generally .0625"/ 1.6mm in thickness?

I use 3mm myself. Not to say that 1.6, 2, 2.5 won't do the trick though. I don't fasten the panel in the middle like many do (for a 17" boat) I only fasten the sides, (Hammond boats) so it helps cut down on flex. There is definitely a difference in "feel" too if that sort of thing matters. I use 3mm in LW and 5U formats as well.
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