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FH-1 Problem
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Author FH-1 Problem
My FH-1 --my workhorse for getting MIDI controller messages into my eurorack-- now seems partially comatose. The startup sequence looks normal. Plugging in a controller lights the red USB indicator, and MIDI activity generates the approach flickering light to the right. But no CV is output. And the Amazing Coloured Sockets are dark on the main unit. And only very dimly blue on the expander unit. I've checked seating of power sockets, tried loading alternative presets, done resets H1, H6, and H8. Have also swapped controllers. Other modules seem to be functioning properly (i.e., not polluted power). Advice please, kind gurus! PS--I'm a fan: also 4 Distings and a General CV.....
OK, found it. Power cable problem. Clearances are so tight that only certain cables will work. You've noticed that there a couple ways that the ribbon can meet the actual connector? It matters in this instance. Whew!
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