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FH-2. 2 x small faults and 1 x small request
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Author FH-2. 2 x small faults and 1 x small request
Hi Os,

Think I found a couple of small faults on the FH-2 :-

If I set a direct cv value when smoothing is on, then turn smoothing off and then change the direct value, when I turn smoothing back on, the direct cv value jumps back to the value when smoothing was turned off. I thought the problem was with Lemur, but it does this using the edit preset on the FH-2 itself.

Problem 2 - the LFO tempo mult and LFO fade occupy the same space on the LFO display screen. smile

Small request - if possible. Can the pitch bend range be increased from 48 to 64 so we have the full range of 0 - 10 v using the pitch bend. In Lemur PB is the only 14 bit CC by default and I've had mixed results getting 14 bit CC in Lemur working otherwise.

Thanks. I was aware of both issues already and they're on my list to fix.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks Os.
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