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ES-3 Only able to use channels 7+8 Cubase 10
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Author ES-3 Only able to use channels 7+8 Cubase 10
Hi I'm only able to get channels 7+8 to work. I've been using just those mainly since i've got it but I'm sure when i first got it i checked all the channels and they were ok (i think).

Anyhow now only 7+8 show any incoming audio/cv i've tried routing my channels, redoing my audio config to recreate the ADAT channels in both stereo and mono however 1-6 just don't respond. I can change the output from ADAT 7 to ADAT 1 and the same track just doesn't get any response from the ES-3. Its not really all that old.

I have been trying to get Silent Way to work but its not showing in my VST's or blacklist i've installed multiple versions, updated Ilok, tried the VST3 and the legacy, I'm kind of stuck here.

Anything i should try other than turning things on on/off and putting the wire in and out?


PS- I'll try in abelton see if its cubase thats being douchy but i can't see why that would be the case.
It could well be. Let us know when you're tried another DAW.
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