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disting mk4 audio playback issues in 4.12.1
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Author disting mk4 audio playback issues in 4.12.1
ever since i got my two disting mk4s months ago, i’ve been banging my head against the wall thinking i’m too dumb to figure out how to use the disting properly, but it looks like the firmware may be to blame. very frustrating

i’ve been trying to get the audio playback (I1) to work, but nothing i do seems to work. i’ve reformatted my SD card and updated the latest firmware too many times to count.

i’m using a sandisk extreme 64GB U3 formatted via mac disk utility as MS-DOS (FAT) with master boot record.

i have two disting mk4s and both are behaving identically. what i try on one, i do so on the other and have consistent results.

i updated the firmware to 4.12.1, and when i load only the example folder (with the playlist and WAV files), power up the disting, and navigate to algorithm I1 the LED screen goes blank.

reverting the firmware to 4.9 seems to get I1 working again, but why not firmware 4.12.1?

i’ve been wrestling with this one algorithm in particular, thinking it was my fault because both my distings were behaving identically, but who knows what other algorithms aren’t working properly as well.

i’m very frustrated and hope i can get help to get them working, otherwise i’m going to just curse them and be rid of them.
@mikebarber Splitting this off to a separate thread.
I just downloaded the example from .zip

and put it in 4.12.1, with nothing else on the card, and it worked. So I'm wondering if you have any other files on the card that might be the problem?
Hi - I had the exact same problem, and exchanged some emails with Os a while back before I left the country (and my system) for a stretch, so I dropped the ball on following up, but I just checked, and my unit was still having the same issue....

**UPDATE: I checked, and I was on 4.10.3 -- I just updated to 4.12.1, and all seems totally ok with my unit now re: this issue! It's peanut butter jelly time!

Hope you get yours sorted, as well...
I too am having audio issues with 4.12.1, specifically with algorithm I6 (playback with speed and reverse.) I wonder if the problem is simply the documentation for the playlist feature.

I have four folders in the root of my drive:

The playlist in the root of my drive is

disting playlist v1

So it should be skipping the !Record folder.. and yet
... the !RECORD folder sometimes comes up as the default folder when I start (and files play from there)
... The disting often locks up when changing folders.. the display is either blank or random pixels go bright
... when I look in the !RECORD folder there are .reversed versions of many of the files, which indicates that I6 is going through the folder and trying to make backwards copies.

What is the best way to manage these folders, and to get Disting to ignore certain folders?
There's a known bug in the case that a folder is listed in the playlist, but the folder is empty or doesn't contain any WAV files.

Is 'Wavetables' the folder for wavetables, as required by the wavetable algorithms from 4.11 onwards? If so, and that's folders of wavetables rather than concatenated WAV files, that might explain it.
That very well could be the case. I will try it tonight.. thanks!
OK, I looked at a few things and learned...

- The Wavetables folder is full of loose 32-bit mono files.

so I took that out of playlist .txt.. also saved that using ANSI instead of UTF-8 encoding.. and now it works fine, or seems to. Only the Propaganda folder is visible to the I5 algorithm, and it does not hang. The display still acts funny when changing folders (or attempting to, as there is only one) - it's like it puts up the first column of pixels in PROCESSING, then hangs briefly - but it is not a hard lock.
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