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ESX-8CV sample rate
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Author ESX-8CV sample rate
I know about the 12bit channels of the ESX-8CV being time-multiplexed to make them work. The sample rate reduction is a function of the number of active channels (i.e. actually changing CV), which goes down to 2kHz when all eight channels are employed "simultaneously". So what exactly is going to happen if I added a second ESX-8CV? A third? How big is the drop for 2x8 active ESX-8CV channels?

Also, does it make a difference where to connect the ESX-8CV to? For instance, header #1 of my ES-5 is not connected to anything. Let's say one ESX-8CV is connected to header #2 and the second one to header #3. Would there be any improvement regarding the sample rate of the latter by connecting it to header #4 thus using the (default) channel #8 of the ES-3?

PS: Obviously I don't have two ESX-8CV yet.
The sample rate thing is per-ESX-8CV. Each ESX-8CV is completely independent.
Awesome, thanks.
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