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Direct MIDI connection between FH-2 and Disting via 4-pin?
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Author Direct MIDI connection between FH-2 and Disting via 4-pin?
OK, this seems obvious, but I just want to make sure.

With both an FH-2 and Disting, I could connect them together via their 4-pin expansion headers and then have direct MIDI control over the Disting from my FH-2's host (in my case an iPad)?

A simple 4-pin IDC cable flipped over would do the trick (5 out to 5 in, etc.)?

os wrote:

Excellent! Thank you.

Off to get the FH-2....
While we're on this subject, is it possible to use a mid-90s (Yamaha P-60) with the FH-2 beyond just a one note/gate setup? I use this on Disting and it works very well, but I'd love to be able to play an entire chord.

I read the different modes on the FH-2's manual on the various allocation modes. I know the manual specifies polyphonic or MPE, but I don't think the keyboard is capable of that. However, I *think* it would at least be possible to detect 2-4 notes in quick succession (round robin, probably) and send the CV of each note to a different location. Gate/velocity per note would obviously be an issue.

Is that something that's possible with the FH-2? (Long term plan would still involve getting a more modern controller, but I do like those weighted keys...)

EDIT: Would also like to admit that I don't have the best technical or historic understanding of MIDI.
I can't think why that wouldn't work, if the keyboard is just sending MIDI.
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