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External Processing w PistonHondaMK3 & HertzDonutMK3
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Author External Processing w PistonHondaMK3 & HertzDonutMK3

"Here we take a look at the external wavetable addressing on the Piston Honda MK3 and external frequency modulation on the Hertz Donut MK3.
Several different patches explore the tonal effects that are possible when sending a variety of sources through these digital oscillators."
Official IME patching video demonstration.

0:00 PHmk3 external input
0:30 PHmk3 z-axis
1:00 Doepfer A-110 -> PHmk3 -> Bionic Lester mk1 -> Tyme Sefari mk2

2:05 Ext FM HDmk3 via sample (Tyme Sefari mk2)
2:36 adding Umbrage
2:46 Increasing Phase Distortion
3:03 King Slender as envelope follower (controls HDmk3 Modulation Index)
3:27 2nd envelope follower controls HDmk3 pitch
3:39 King Slender envelope follower controls S+H (Polivoks Modulator) samplerate for stepped HDmk3 pitch control
4:07 S+H's clock -> function generator -> Filter cutoff

6:47 PHmk3 processing sample beat
7:18 HDmk3 many synth voices configuration
7:38 PHmk3 Osc B provides another synth voice
7:53 Bionic Lester mk1 filters drums
This +1000! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

Definitely one of my go to modules for creating audio mayhem.
Takes any mundane audio source and transluciferizes it nanners

Any chance on getting those rubbery custom wavetables posted?
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