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Reason Rack 11 news: any chance of more RE development?
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Author Reason Rack 11 news: any chance of more RE development?

Now that Propellerhead (now called “Reason Studios”) has made Reason into a VST for other hosts, is there ANY chance of further development of the existing Silent Way Voice Controller (ie the velocity bug fix) and any ports of the other Silent Way Suite devices?

A full complement of SW RE devices seems like a FAR more useful way to route everything than using Bidule to route thing inside a limited DAW like Cubase or whatever else has been troublesome. TBH, I’d pay for more RE options just to make it easier on me than using the SW VST’s in Reason (and I have zero interest in leaving Reason for another DAW, but if I get a Cirklon... all bets are off).

My initial thought of this “Reason as a VST” environment was that I could do everything in Cubase that I had always wanted to do, but wasn’t able to do. That quickly dissipated when it was said that Reason Rack can’t host VST’s, just RE’s.
Still not something I plan to do. RE development is a right ball-ache. Life's too short.
Bummer, but that said... the VST’s are working pretty awesomely in Reason, so that’s good. I was mainly thinking these RE’s would be of use in Reason Rack.
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