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Separate Buchla-format subforum?
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Should we have a separate Buchla-format subforum?
 40%  [ 31 ]
 59%  [ 46 ]
Total Votes : 77

Author Separate Buchla-format subforum?
Hey wigglers,

I know it has been discussed in the past, but I feel this issue should raise its ugly head once more. Should we have a separate subforum for Buchla-format systems? This would include all things Buchla, plus everything adapted into Buchla format. An example would be Mutable modules behind Buchla panels.

I then propose this subforum could then collect the rest of the systems: everything STS, R*S and Loudest Warning - mostly Serge, but also everything else in those ecosystems and, yes, this would include Buchla modules behind R*S and LW panels, with associated physical and voltage compatibility. The few posts on EMS, Kilpatrick etc could also fit here.

The reason I'm bringing this topic up again is the sheer number of Buchla-format posts these days. Today, at midday BST, 81% (75/93) of the posts on the first page of this subforum were Buchla format-related. This number swamps the posts on other systems posted here. I find it tiresome to trawl through the posts to find something that is actually relevant to my setup, and other posters have written something similar. A couple have said they don't bother checking in at all. The Buchla guys might appreciate some focus on their side as well.

When something similar came up - I think Matthias from R*S was proposing a separate Serge forum - I was one of the naysayers. At that time, this subforum was more balanced and I couldn't see the problem. Now I've changed my mind and I'm wondering how everyone else feels. I'm leaving the poll up for a month. Please check in and let me know your thoughts.

EDITED: Trying to stress the voltage and physical differences between Buchla format and others.
Prunesquallor wrote:
... yes, this would include Buchla modules behind R*S and LW panels. The few posts on EMS, Kilpatrick etc could also fit here.

That seems messy. A subforum for Buchla, but not all Buchla. Serge would give the same problems of course with it’s own sub. Both are 4U with bananas, they belong together. Synthi’s are different beasts, but then again the volume as you say is so small anyway so why bother? I say keep it as is.
search64 wrote:
A subforum for Buchla, but not all Buchla.

Not the Buchla which has Serge-compatible voltage and racking standards. IMO it's the ecosystem that counts.
I agree that Buchla should have its own subforum for the reasons given. It would make it easier for other format users.

And while I agree that Buchla adapter to work with a 1v/o standard should be included in the "other forum", I don't know that it needs to be stated. There can't be that many posts that would fit in that category, the occasional "maybe check in the Serge/EMS forum" would do.

last time it was raised was when " there was a lot going on in the Serge world"

today this is raised because 81% of the post are buchla related.

last pole results : storder=asc&start=0

the traffic on and amount of posts is so little compared to let's say, the euro section that there is no reason for this.

there is now Serge/RS in euro format, there is Buchla builts to the Serge standard, euro modules in Buchla or serge format ... and this because of the symbiosis between Serge and Buchla in general.

I have built Buchla modules to Buchla Racking standard but Serge voltage standard where would those go ? wink

anyway, i really not for this split to happen. even though it isn't explicitly stated, this is the 4U / Banana + EMS subforum.

The format is the same. Buchla is 4U , Serge is 4U. both use banana.
I like having all the 4U / Banana together, but I'm biased because I have Buchla and Serge and patch them all together.
mestlick wrote:
I like having all the 4U / Banana together, but I'm biased because I have Buchla and Serge and patch them all together.

Words It's peanut butter jelly time! applause
I am a Buchla user, but also interested in Serge stuff.
I kinda enjoy reading some Serge posts from time to time when I check the sub-forum. And honestly it's the only sub-forum I check on a regular basis.
Also worth to note that the sub-forum helped me to decided between Buchla and Serge. In the end it's both 4U and bananas and probably lots of people are into both.
I'm with LVU. Even if I have no immediate and express interest in the Serge universe I've stumbled across some very cool stuff whilst poking around looking for Buchla info.
If we consider the origin of the Serge and it's relation to the Buchla, we can see that they belong together.

Chugging Beers
I keep going back and forth between the idea of separate forums... It does kind of make sense as there are for sure differences such as patch strategies with module design tinijacks & banana in Buchla, tracking standard for oscillators, power rail values are different, on and on.. 2 different systems (duh) tho maybe related on the family tree.

I am a dedicated Serge user, but searching for Serge info is not hard ha & enjoy seeing Buchla stuff when browsing.

Both are the two main flag bearers of the west coast philosophy if you want to be dorky about it, and there is A LOT going on in the diy world right now using pcbs from both, combining, general 4u love.

Keep it as one ecosystem!
So much yes !!
At least keep the EMS out of it
Make it a 4U forum...
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