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Missing delivery - Loudest Warning panel
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Author Missing delivery - Loudest Warning panel
the bad producer
Hello, help

Just a note - in case anyone has spotted it or does so in future - this panel and PSU went missing in Malmo, Sweden. UPS guy left it outside clients house and not seen since (insurance claim is pending but I'd like to know where it is!).

It's unique in this config with blue PSU and jumbler... If anyone sees it let me know, thanks!

oh no. maybe someone can also post something on or ??
Slightly offtopic, but that is such a cool panel especially with all those jacks so close with the SSG and the DTG.
I find that mega on topic, actually.
This is where the scene is , the people who pay money for those need to know
Argh annoying.
Hopefully the insurance covers.
But even better, the panel pops up!
Good luck!
johnchantler wrote:
oh no. maybe someone can also post something on or ??

I wrote a heads-up on 99musik.

Such a beautiful panel... sad banana
Sad to hear.
If you want to contact people at the top of UPS to kick up a stink, find their details at - I've several times found it the only way to get things moving, rather than relying on frustrating base level customer service (not necessarily with UPS by any stretch)
the bad producer
Thanks everyone, I thought about 99musik but wasn't sure where to put it!

I booked it through a broker, which so far has made the whole process easier as they have been dealing with UPS, though have to wait for UPS to finish their investiigation before making a claim.

Hopefully it is not in the bin!
Couriers should NEVER leave packages outside, there are people that just for kicks drive arround and steal packages left outside! This is courier responsibility imho!
Man that's the worst! Hope it gets sorted and/or found!
I hope it gets found too! I've always loved that layout! It needs to be in the hands of someone that appreciates it, not in the bin or in the hands of an idiot porch-pirate.
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