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Which Modules for Rackbrute 6U w Nerdseq
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Author Which Modules for Rackbrute 6U w Nerdseq
I have a Rackbrute 6U & Minibrute 2S bundle.
The goal is to use this from the couch, so it should be capable of running standalone.
For me that means it should be able to handle a 4 "voice" drum-kit along with bassline, lead & digital fx.
By "able" I mean it should be able to handle the vanilla arrangement but most of the time I'll be using it for something more experimental.

The plan:

Modules I've already own are

  • Arturia: Rackbrute, Minibrute
  • Bastl: Noise², SkisII, Quattro Figaro
  • TipTop: Z4000 VC-EG
  • Music Thing: Startup
  • Antumbra Dual VCA (2x)
  • Grayscale: Microcell

Modules I want

  • Nerdseq & IO Expander we're not worthy
  • CalTrans (convinence)
  • Twin waves (Desert island osc)
  • Filter 8 (Desert island filter)
  • M303 oops

The rest I want suggestions:

BIA: For compactness sake and I like the sound, I don't like the missing env out
Entity Bassdrum: Open for alternatives, again whatever module does the bassdrum should have an env out.
Considering the Loquelic Iteritas Percido instead of both. (Or another full synth voice that can take the part of a 4 part drum kit)

Cold Mac: I want analog logic and this seems to be the HP king for that.

Bastl Timber: This or ultrafold, can live without a wavefolder if dynamic distortion can come from elsewhere.

What I still miss (willing to let go of the Bastl Modules)
Compressor, but I'd like it to do more if I get one perhaps with integrated filter. Otherwise ducking with vcas is fine.
I've decided that I don't want to invest the HP for Maths. (I don't need two slew Limiters if I have two powerful sequencers that can output arbitrary cv)
But I am thinking about getting extra attenuverters considering Livestock Electronics: Felix
But perhaps there is something like just the middle part of Maths?

The ideal module I'm missing would be like:
Something with 4 cv in and 16 cv out and knobs or switches to dial in various relationships between them like adding, subtracting, offsetting, multiplication, min, max, s&h, etc.
At best around 10hp Miley Cyrus

In the long run I'll probably get a second case for overflow so no biggie.
Module costs is fine as long as it isn't cwejman (no quarrels if you like it)
I have no problem buying modules which fall into easy to learn, hard to master category.

Any suggestions are welcome!
I am thinking about not getting Cold Mac and pick other utilities that seem more straight forward to me.

-Make sure you check the depth of the case and power limits
( +12 / -12 / +5 )
-Check if the modules you chose are not to deep and power hungry

It would really be a disappointment getting all those tools and it doesn't fit
or Not having enough power for all the modules you chose

Good Luck and Have a Blast

( I was considering the Rackbrute at first but given my choices, the depth and power we not adequate )
I take a look at the modulargrid power estimations every so often.
So far I'm at
Power Consumption: 1029 mA +12V | 511 mA -12V | 90 mA 5V |
Just double checked in the manual
Rackbrute electrical specifications (Typical values):
• +12V : 1600mA
• -12V : 800mA
• +5V : 500mA
• Max power load : 31,3W

So I'm still fine.

Did you use lots of small DSP modules? To me the power supply seems quite generous in a sense that I am going for density and am fine.
Interestingly enough the spec on the modulargrid has a slight error, the -12V is 800mA not 1600mA.
I Don't know what DSP Modules are?

Im Glad your checking your Voltage Stats and Module Depths
Im sure it maybe overlooked sometimes, there are so many details

When i Started
I wanted A Make Noise / Industrial Music Electronics ( The Harvestman )
Mixed System

Ended Up with this
DSP, digital signal processing.
afik the fact that some modules contain a beefy embedded cpu runs the synth engine eats alot of power.

All that space in your case woah
Also it seems we have different approaches when it comes to acquiring modules. So far I've cherry picked alot based on what I want a module to do.
193hp free of 504hp nanners
Cause of the price difference between Doepfer LC3-LC6-LC9 Cases
I found LC9 to be the best value and 2 cases left a lot of room for expansion
Since my first case was filled by a custom MN Shared System and i had 6hp left bought the second case soon after

Next is Piston Honda MK3
Honestly beyond Harvestman / Make Noise Nothing has caught my ear
But im need of Switches as Well But Doepfer 4hp is Small
I saw Livestock Electronics Maze is perfect ( But Green Modules )
Aesthetics are important to me
I would not by a purple guitar with yellow spots just cause it sounds amazing
they only eat a lot of +12v. the +/-12v runs all the opamps on the input and output 1mA each for a grand total of 10mA +12v, 10mA -12v for the analog audio circuits only. the digital is somewhere between 40mA +12v to 400mA +12v with 100mA +12v being more common. you have 18 modules for 1029 mA +12v. your average +12v current draw per module is 57mA. there is no way that none of them are DSP.
Here is is the view of what I have got/ordered so far:

I still need to decide on which kind of "drum" modules to get.
I do not want traditional "dumb" drum modules but rater synth voices that are meant for percussion. So certain drum voices will share a trigger and be morphed using cv.

I would have already bought the BIA but I don't like the lack of ENV out and I don't quite like the sound from the demos so much.
Thinking about SSF Entity BD & Percussion instead.

I'm not quite sure what else is "missing" now. Just write what you think is a good match seriously, i just don't get it
I don't get the drum module idea
Its like wanting a module for violin
But to each there own explorations

Anything can be a drum module
Sine wave through a Low Pass Gate for Kick
Add Triangle wave for more Contour
or/and add Wavefolder for unique Bass ( Kick / Hi Hat / .... drum sounds )

Noise for a Snare ( Random CV to Decay CV for different dynamics )

High pitch notes being Frequency Modulated for Hi Hat
or Pitch envelope to Oscillator FM IN
or Noise into Band Pass Filter which is resonance is controlled by an Envelope Generator
About drums, you can use NerdSeq's two sample tracks (each track can play two simultaneous samples). The NerdSeq doesn't have a ton of memory for the sample files, but I have loaded up a collection of samples with 808 sounds, and lay down the basic beats.
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