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Handy (and cheap) Easel/boat rolling desk
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Author Handy (and cheap) Easel/boat rolling desk
I've been after a desk solution in my studio for my easel and expander (and potentially a small boat with modules). I wanted something with casters to move it out the way as my room is small and I frequently set up drums, congas, other people, etc. Happened to come across a cheap laptop desk on ebay, took a chance, and just set it up.
It is not the most quality, high end piece of furniture as some of the screw holes didn't line up perfectly, but it is pretty damn solid, fairly compact and only cost $36. It's adjustable, in height for both halves of the desktop and the tilt of the front desk space. Perfect for an easel set up (or any desktop synths I guess) that includes some effects pedals, a boat or expander as previously mentioned, and its cheap so modifying it wont feel so painful. Going to add some hooks for bananas and a small cup for shorting bars. Maybe a rig to attach a power strip.

Just in case someone may be looking for something similar, check this thing out.

Ebay link:
Rolling Desk on Ebay
looks good! what is the expander?
The expander is a unit fellow wiggler Guy produced. He dubbed it the Model 416 Meta Expander. It is a very useful addition to the easel as it doubles up the input jacks, provides a ton more routing options and adds a Buchla-fied version of the Serge USG.
Not sure if he is making anymore but you can check the specs out at
Highly recommended.
Rumor has it that there might be some more of the 416s made if there is enough interest. You might want to email Guy.
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