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Q: Vocal processing on this track
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Author Q: Vocal processing on this track
A familiar but very cool and effective vocal processing on this (first) track. I get the gist of what’s going on, but how do I really nail it? Short and punchy isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

She’s on Bandcamp if anyone wanna check her out / support. Cool stuff.
She use a short delay, slap-back I think it is called. John Lennon used this technique a lot, I have been told. Besides that, compression and a little bit of saturation perhaps?
I’m familiar with the slap back and have used it myself on occasion. While close it’s not really what I associate with it. Yeah, more in the Lennon area and I believe he used some sort of doubling. I am fascinated by vocal effects with delay/pre delay that sits well in a faster song not seeming slow and words are still articulated.
When the band stops and she goes aww Oh! you can hear everything: medium sized Reverb slap back echo with four repeats.

I think John Lennon used slap back because Elvis Presley used it a lot I didn’t hear too many other people in the 60s and 70’s using it as much as he did.
That’s just my theory.

Yes vocal effects are so much fun about 20 years ago I traded a guy at $200 Quadraverb for a Lexicon Primetime 93 which was an early digital delay that was about $2500 in the mid-1970s which was a lot of money.

I’ll never forget how beautiful and transparent it sounded unlike other phase, flanging choursing effects I had heard up until that point.

Sound Toys makes a plugin version of it now. I kind of wish I hadn’t sold it about three years ago.

Cool power pop song!
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