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stand for the easel?
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Author stand for the easel?
was wondering how you prop up the easel... i usually see it lay flat on tables

i was wondering if anyone uses an amp stand like this: ecording/amp-monitor-and-mixer-stands/28130-amp-stand-black

or any other recommendations?
I use a Quiklok QL-400 floorstand.
Made a post a few days ago about one I found that works for me.

I have used the QL400 as well. Works great if you use the easel by itself.
What do you have yours on right now?
Both Quiklok QL-400 and K&M 17580 Heli 2 are great options. The K&M stand should be a similar angle to the amp stand you linked. I felt like I was taking a leap of faith trying it, but it is very sturdy. I have a few now.
I really like the idea of propping the easel up.

At the moment I have it sitting on a desk and the physical ergonomics of playing are questionable.

How is patching in general with the stand? Does the easel and the stand stay put? I can imagine that playing (well playing the 218..) is awesome but how does it work whilst patching?
There little bit of give in the stand when patching, but its base is fairly deep and feels quite sturdy to me. The synth doesn't feel like its going anywhere at all in my use, but if someone was a little rowdier with it, I could see it not working for every situation. For $28, you could find out, though.
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