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Ornament & Crime Piqued… how it works?
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Author Ornament & Crime Piqued… how it works?

Can someone explain the simple patch possible to make work the Piqued app in o_c? For example I have a Behringer Neutron and I don't know where to patch the CVs out from o_c to get it work as I only have one VCA in in the Neutron patchpay. Thanks for your answer and sorry for this newb question…
Piqued gives you 4 independent envelopes with many shapes and stages, you can use them not only to open vcas also to modulate other params in your system (like filter cutoff, osc pitch, lfo rate, etc. ) but you have to trigger them with something (you could use a gate from a keyboard if you have one or the neutron lfo uni out directly to experiment), more complex events can be obtained using the end of cycle (EOC) from one envelope to internally trigger another one.

A simple patch could be Neutron in a droning state (vca fully open) then:
LFO UNI out > O&C TR 1 in
O&C 1 out > FREQ MOD in (possibly with some attenuation in between)

Hope this helps
Thanks for this explanation lohacker! Still difficult for me to understand how generate polyrhythms like this video:

… specially by using only one trigger input on O_c
No problem in using 1 main trigger, in that video he's using the trigger input as master clock and then setting some euclidean rhythms in all four channels.
Try with your trigger in channel 1 then set the TRIGGER INPUT as TR1 for all 4 channels and experiment with various Eucl length/Eucl fill/Eucl offset settings.
Yes I explored that, I get nothing but sounds of machine-gun quite repetitive. I think I have a hard time understanding what to modulate in the patchbay of the neutron but also the settings of parameters like the filter and of course the parameters of O&C. I also use the befaco Muxlicer, maybe I'll put it aside for a moment to see more clearly.
I think I'm starting to understand but it's really not intuitive, but very instructive ... a parameter that changes and it becomes completely different / I still can not get something as thin as in the video presentation, it's always very aggressive and binary... is it because of the VCA always fully open?
OK… Piqued is amazing specially with mixed CVs modulations, endless exploration! Dead Banana
Another question about Piqued, as shown in the photo, I have a second animated bar to the right of the envelope C, what is it?

If I'm not mistaken, the bars on the left show the current level of the envelope. When you have something assigned one of the respective CV inputs, then there shows a 2nd bar which shows the value of the CV inputs.

In your photo abve, you have CV3 set to something other than "none" which will activate the 2nd animated bar to the right of the "C" value.
Thanks BaloErets, in fact I tried to remove all CVs input and woth nothing assigned on CV1-2-3-4 on envelope 3 and there is always this 2nd animated bar.
After going through the app, I will try to describe what keeps asking me question. I tried piqued with my 0-coast and I don't understand how to generate polyrhythms with the gate. If I want to have the effect of all Piqued envelopes, I have to have a gate at the same frequency, which means that even when I don't have active envelopes, I still regularly have this plop-plop-plop-plop-plop. How do you use Piqued with 0-coast?
The euclidean rhythm function of the Piqued is very good! One of the best of it with 4 trigger and cv for some parameter inside!
Hales wrote:
Another question about Piqued, as shown in the photo, I have a second animated bar to the right of the envelope C, what is it?

You have a trigger delay set, see Tr delay msecs
The “countdown” time for the delayed trigger is shown as a fall bar on the righthand side of the trigger indicator for that channel (at the top of the display).

The left bar indicates the TR input state.
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