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Octatrack euro sync issues
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Author Octatrack euro sync issues
Looking for some help syncing up an octatrack with eurorack.

I've tried using an audio file on 16ths and taking it out the cue output into a trigger riot and metropolis, they both start out of sync.

I've tried taking a midi channel into a 190-2 (no midi clock) midi module and putting midi notes on every 16th to create a clock signal and that starts out of sync as well.

In both cases it does 'sync' but eurorack is always a few pulses behind the octatrack.

Any suggestions? Ideally I'd like to use the midi method to sync so I don't have to loose an audio track and my cue channel.
Get a Midi/sync box? I use a Kenton Pro 2000 and a Roland SBX-1.
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