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Polyend Poly 2
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Author Polyend Poly 2
Hi everyone,

I am eagerly waiting to know more about recently announced Polyend Poly 2 MIDI to CV module.

So, anyone who gets one, please share your experience with it.
First post here...

Just picked one up a few days ago. I'm using it to convert MIDI from an iPhone app called Quantum Sequencer (6 tracks) into Gates and CV for my small percussion based modular rig. Easy enough to set up. Build quality seems quite good.

Something to keep in mind... The Poly 2 supports up to 8 "voices" but you may need to calculate how many CVs you will need since the number depends on how many gates you are using. In other words, if you did use all 8 voices you'd only have 4 available CVs. I'm using the "Notes" mode (4 other modes available) which "translates data received from MIDI Notes C through G and directs them into the corresponding voices". This is what I was using my previous MIDI to Gate device (Tubbutec's UniPulse which only had one CV out btw) so I was happy to see it included. Assigning CV or CC is straight forward. I have all of my CV's assigned to velocity (you can also assign specific MIDI CC's if you want).

Some other features that I'm not using are... the ability to filter midi notes by musical scale (39 to choose from), you can convert middle C to be compatible with DAWs that have different protocols, two choices for Gate voltage (0-5V or 0-10V), reverse the phase of the gate, the ability to "multiply" the clock to be compatible with Euroracks '4PPQN' convention, "Smart Thru" which allows you to daisy-chain multiple Poly 2 units and passes thru data not used by the unit within the current setting to the MIDI output, "CC/CV Smoothing" I actually could not get this feature to work, you can also save presets of your configurations. I'm sure I'm forgetting some other features but those were the ones that I can remember off hand. There's a manual for the Poly 2 on Polyends website now as well: .pdf

One issue I'm having tho is that I am getting what sound like voltage spike clicks from the gates with some of my modules (Akemie's Taiko, SDSV+). With a Gate output from Poly 2 patched directly into Akemie's Taiko "Trigger" input I can clearly hear the clicks if I set the releases to longer settings. I am new to eurorack so I may be doing something to cause this but I can't figure out what that might be???

Hope that gives people some insight to this (potentially) great module.

I'm also interested in Poly 2 to bridge Octatrack to modular.
Have you tried sending LFOs over CC?
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