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1979 DVCM: Dual Voltage Controlled Mixer: preorders now open
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Author 1979 DVCM: Dual Voltage Controlled Mixer: preorders now open
1979 DVCM: Dual Voltage Controlled Mixer

Now taking preorders for the DVCM. This module provides two separate 4-channel VC audio mixers with master gain controls, top-to-bottom audio normalizations, configurable pre/post outputs, and visual feedback of post-mix signal levels. It works well as the final output module in a system, a submixer for blending waveforms within a patch, or a cleaner and brighter alternative to a lowpass gate.

Audio mixing is an area where the 200 series canon has some room for improvement. The initial concept for this module was sketched out a few years ago when I decided that the 206/207 were a bit too limited and the 227 was much more than I needed. The DVCM has gone through a few iterations since then and it's finally ready to make its way out of the lab.

Note that the photos above show a recent prototype, but the illustration accurately represents the final product: separate pre/post outputs, bipolar attenuators on the main mix CV inputs, and monitor LEDs on the right side.

Preorder price is $600 USD which is discounted by about 10% compared to the final price. ETA is mid/late October.
lovely to see!
Thanks, this one's been in the queue for a while, as you know wink
Look at that price love. Fantastic addition to the format!
Wonderful! I've modded my 207r so I can configure it for 2x 3ch, each with one VCA.

This is a much more practical solution and have to assume sounds much better... definitely grabbing it!
Thanks guys. These are in production now, will post status updates as things progress.

I've been storyboarding some demo video ideas too, mostly involving the 245 and 281 in combination with the VC inputs or a pair of DAOs generating chords for example.
very cool, just ordered! The only thing I probably would have changed is to locate the audio in‘s at the lower end, at least for the lower part ...
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