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Early Hardcore production tips?
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Author Early Hardcore production tips?
Already figured out hoovers and kicks and the 8th to 16th note pattern for melodies along with adding in some formant stuff in to create a little more variety. But there is all this other stuff that I cant name or search for tutorials on how its made. One big issue is that I cant find a way to make a sub base oscillator with out it sounding like a reese mutation which doesnt really fit the genre. I want to find a deathly hum/growl/buzz/ that can fill that emptyness in some of my tracks. Im talking any noise that can shake a warehouses frame and frighten and excite the people inside. Please anyone with advice, give me some. Dead Banana
Sine wave.
A man of hardcore!

2 detuned sine waves? Just get a Behringer Neutron? Or software FM synths like FM8?

Can you share your hoover sound synthesis method? I've often wondered but never really sat down to do it. I would like some hoover action.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Production Techniques  
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