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Recording Modular Music: How do you do it?
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Author Recording Modular Music: How do you do it?
What's everyones process of recording modular music?

What DAW, post processing, automation, plugins, interfaces do we use for the best result of music thats a single stereo instrument?
8* VCA > MOTU 2408 > Reaper.

Computer has 3 * TC Electronic Powercore cards with most plugins activated.

Pro's : some of the best reverbs and delays etc available even today, Access Virus up to 12 instances with each instance having 4 parts(lol). MD3 finaliser from TC6000

Con's : Abandonware, unable to transfer licences to any other hardware so licences stuck on PCI card even though I own a PCIe card, so stuck on using a 1155 chipset.
I use Presonus Studio One Pro 4.5.

For strictly modular compositions, I record multiple linear tracks of my modular playing self-running patches. I then cut and edit those raw tracks into a composition using volume automation mostly to bring parts in and out of the mix.

I tend not to use any sync because this produces a more organic sounding track. Though I use MIDI-CV if I am integrating my modular with other instruments and tracks that are aligned to track timing.

Sometimes I do almost no post-processing to the tracks, and other times I might do heavy post-processing.

I usually use an SSL-type bus compressor on my main output and add just a hint of room reverb to the entire mix so it all sounds like it is occurring in the same acoustic space.

Here are a couple of examples of my methods. The first track has no-post-processing of the tracks except for volume automation. The second track has heavy post-processing:


mritenburg wrote:

Here are a couple of examples of my methods.

Great feedback ! very welcome !
need to give it later a listen though.

i *totally* struggle myself.
I used my MPC1K over many years to record anything. mostly modular.
plus cutting samples in there.
Though the audio quality, depending on the frequenzys, is to question.

today i record into wavelab on my mac mini. stereo.
thats it.......
.....can´t gel with working then further in the DAW...... waah

while any other type of technologie feels to restricted.......or the handling to outdated.
...there´s a leap to take for me, for shure.
Output of modular to a mixer. A touch of reverb then to Digital Performer. No other processing or editing other that trim the beginning and end of the track. I like to record live and not mess with it. Works for me.
I have the WMD Performance Mixer with the DB25 expander. I take all my audio out through two DB25 cable snakes and straight into my audio interface to record in Ableton. I also keep my modular clocked from Ableton via the Expert Sleepers ES-3 so that everything remains in sync. Works like a charm.
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