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Interview with Tom
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Author Interview with Tom
T. Jervell
Finally the DivKid video of the interview he did with Tom surfaced w00t
Well spotted Trond! Just watched the whole thing.... great interview! Lots of good Bug knowledge divulged and always good to see and hear Tom speak rather than reading emails.

Uhhhmmm, did somebody say 1fw phaser? MY ASS IS BLEEDING
very, very cool!! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! Rockin' Banana!
great interview! smile
I was not expecting geopolitical questions to be addressed in this interview!

For a froggy like me, captions are definitely not of any help with Ben's accent hihi
Thanx for sharing thumbs up

Seing Tom here remembers me when I went to see him.
Though I don't remember the bench being so well organised Mr. Green
Looks great!!!
Loved seeing Tom's space and hearing his thoughts - some very interesting insights into his designs! A master of his trade and great to hear about his continued enthusiasm.
Thanks to Divkid for the excellent upload cool
Haha - my personal Iraq!!
Yeah, big thanks to Ben for doing this!
& for the kind comments.
Life & the workshop are now relatively tidy/organised - a gradual /ever-evolving process for sure - I don't think things will ever stop being rough around the edges though!
Really enjoyed that Tom
Great interview Tom. Hit all the points the make bugbrand special.
Heh nice interview - always enjoy a good cooking analogy.
Someone else wondering about all the prototypes in the background?

What is that red module at the 20 minute mark? All four colors of banan jacks and 3fw looks promising. Maybe a dual bugcrusher/sample and hold?
T. Jervell
Well if I’m not entirely wrong it’s a proto for an Env-Amp module Tom was working on, could be wrong of course.... If I’m right there was a S&H tucked in there also. I’m sure Tom can shed some more light on this. thumbs up
Looks like the chirper expander ideas really made it to prototype stage.

Never thought that wpuld happen at all. hihi
Awesome interview, love the idea of returning effects on a channel!

Also, a pingable phaser would be beautiful eek!

I would love a pingy gurgly thing with chirper, dual filter, dual phaser...
sungja wrote:
Looks like the chirper expander ideas really made it to prototype stage.

Never thought that wpuld happen at all. :hihi:

Buggered it up totally in the layout stage - unable to be rescued/tested without a redraw - that happened, ooh, maybe 12 months ago already?! Ideas need momentum and this one got bogged down, for now.
Phasers too swim in and out of focus - but now that summer is ending, it should be time to get back to some evening zone-out-focus on new projects.
Good ideas Tom. thumbs up
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